"My expectations were both met and exceeded...I highly recommend it" -Sean Carey / Touch Arcade / @walk_your_path "RADBALLS is the insanely gorgeous retro-future-disco puzzler you've been waiting for forever" -Brandon Boyer / Chairman IGF / @brandonnn "Awesome to hear Neil Voss (the man behind N64's Tetrisphere soundtrack) again." -Peer Schneider / IGN Publisher & Co-Founder / @PeerIGN "...We suggest giving this game a download" -Brenna Ehrlich / MTV O Music Awards / @Brenna_E "This is not only brilliantly put together and fine-tuned to perfection, it's wildly addictive and a total visual-aural treat." -Wolfygun / App Store Review "Radballs handles its difficulty curve better than almost any game I've ever seen on the App Store." -Sean Carey / Touch Arcade / @walk_your_path "Genius...Totally addictive and forward thinking." -SS Francis | App Store Review "This game is definitely a next generation puzzle game. It's like playing Tetris & DJ hero at the same time...so addicting!" -_Misfit_ / App Store Review "Radballs is extraordinarily good. The 80's are back and you can almost smell the moussed mall hair. Buy this game immediately." -Djflippy / App Store Review "Three words. Awesome, Addicting, RAD-iculous! I've taken over my 7 year old daughter's iPad :) Love!" - kimmielou99 / App Store Review "You aren't just listening to your music - you're playing to it." -Sean Carey / Touch Arcade / @walk_your_path "Very Very good! I wasn't sure what to expect but the game blew me away." -VodRedB / App Store Review "My eyes are bleeding from playing so much Radballs" -Kacie Barton / Twitter / @kcmfb626 "Music App of the Day: Play Music - Literally - With Radballs" -MTV O Music Awards